How Marut Fan Solves the Heat Problems?

Creating a comfortable work environment in factories can help employees live happier and healthier.

One of the largest determining factors of overall comfort level is temperature. While many environments use central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to regulate temperature, these systems can be horribly inefficient, still leaving you to suffer with stagnant air.

Thankfully, MarutAir’s HVLS fans can help keep your space feeling comfortable year-round.

MarutAir’s innovative High Volume Low Speed fans work on one simple principle: air moving gently across skin feels great.

Our HVLS fans are designed differently than a regular ceiling fan. A standard fan is designed with smaller blades that spin quickly in an effort to cool off an area. 

Marut Air’s HVLS fans take a different, smarter approach.

  • By making use of longer, slower-turning, airfoil-shaped blades, our fans move much larger volumes of air more efficiently than a standard fan.
  • The HVLS fan creates a large column of air that is roughly the total area of the fan. 
  • This air column is then pushed downward to the floor by the slow-rotating blades. When it contacts the floor, the air disperses evenly throughout the area. This creates a steady, yet gentle breeze that effectively cools anyone in the enclosed space.

HVLS Fans: Making Your HVAC Systems Better

Even in rooms that already have an existing HVAC system , Marut Air’s HVLS  fans can make a difference in comfort level and overall cost.

As a rule, HVAC systems tend to suffer from spotty circulation.  Often the airflow can be stagnant due to common obstructions or poor vent placement.

By incorporating an adequately-sized HVLS fan into your environment, you can lower your cooling costs due to the energy-saving airflow created by our fans.