Delivering Most Refreshing Big Industrial fans, Gearless HVLS Fans and more Worldwide

Marut Air offers an extensive range of huge industrial fans. Our mission is simple. We follow the mission to supply quality and highly innovative fans to diverse industries worldwide. Being a pioneer in the industry and delivering quality air movement solutions, we remain unrivalled. It is widely agreed that the gearless HVLS fans we supply are highly durable and last for generations. We have the calibre and expertise to fully deliver a big industrial fan in line with your requirements and specifications.

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Marut Air – the Next Generation Air Movement Solution for Industrial and Commercial Facilities

A cosy and refreshing workplace is the essential requirement of factories with a large number of employees. Knowing this fact, we supply the most refreshing industrial HVLS fans for every type of manufacturing firms. Our fans are designed as per industry standards and are specialized to improve the productivity of all kinds of industrial units.

High Volume Low Speed fans are the next generation air movement solutions for factories and organizations with large working spaces. It is used alone or in tandem with heating. Heating or cooling a large area end up in the consumption of a large amount of energy. The energy-efficient HVLS fans we supply are a respite for business owners in various industries to cut down operational costs. When you purchase an industrial big fan from us, we guarantee you energy efficiency, easy installation, zero maintenance cost and a long-term warranty. We also provide the best range of wall mounted exhaust fans.

Advantages of Huge Industrial Fans

  • Huge industrial fans increase efficiency, comfort and savings
  • A big industrial fan can mobilize a large volume of air at a low speed
  • Industrial air coolers help to bring down operational costs while optimizing maximum comfort at the workplace
  • A big industrial fan can replace ten to twenty ceiling fans. Hence, it provides energy efficiency in any facility
  • Huge industrial fans have a dual function and work efficiently in summer and winter.

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Our products

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Huge Industrial Fans


Industrial ceiling fan, Causes a high volume of wind movement.

  • Large area coverage

  • Saves 20-30% on energy costs

  • Breeze air quality

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Exhaust Fans


Exhaust Fan draws out polluted air from premises and replaces it with fresh air.

  • Designed for big buildings

  • Maintenance free

  • Energy efficient

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Industrial Air Cooler


Industrial Air coolers, improves the comfort level of your workers. Huge necessity in high temperature regions.

  • Better cooling at less power consumption

  • Covers large area

  • Eco friendly & maintenance free

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Mobile Fans


Industrial Mobile fans, When the weather is sweltering outside It evaporates water’s cooling power to bring relief in hot temperatures.

  • Save 20-30% on energy costs

  • Breeze air quality

  • Quiet operation

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Industrial Cooler

We create fresh air with the help of
large air coolers

Exhaust Fans

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exhaust fans.


Air circulation by High Volume Low
Speed Fan.

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