Mobile Fan : Design

  • High efficient 6 blades inspired by aviation airfoil

  • Largest fan diameter 8.8ft provides super air flow

  • Easy to move ,simple to install

  • Less energy cost ,energy saving up to 30% in cooling and heating

  • Long service life more than 15 years


Mobile Fan : Benefits

  • Super large coverage up to 40m equals 1.5 basketball court and 0.4 football pitch, only 1.1kw

  • Low energy cost and quick return on investment, save you much money compared to the traditional pedestal fan.

  • Perfect ability of drying dehumidification ,remove waste gas and dust

  • Durable design make it service more than 15 years, save you more money on facilities


Technical Specification

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Model OM-KT-24
Dimention(W*H*D) 2600*950*2700
Max Speed 226r/Min
Range of Wind Speed 0-30m(0.9m/S-7m/s)
Full Load Air Volume 1580m3/min
Motor NORD
Motor Power 1.1KW
Supply Voltage 380/220V
Full Load Current 2.15A
Noise Level(Max Speed) 48dBA
Protection Level IP50
Weight 300kg

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