Different Industrial Exhaust Fan Types & Their Applications

Industrial air ventilation systems must have industrial exhaust fans. They aid in purging the workplace of dangerous gases, smoke, dust, and other impurities. Industrial exhaust fans come in a variety of designs, such as industrial exhaust fans, greenhouse exhaust fans, heavy-duty exhaust fans, and wall-mounted exhaust fans. Each one has unique qualities and capabilities that make it suitable for diverse industrial environments. We’ll examine the many types of industrial exhaust fans and their various applications in this article.

Types of Industrial Exhaust Fans

Greenhouse Exhaust fans

The greenhouse ventilation exhaust fan is made to run continuously at barns, workshops, Poultry farms, and greenhouses.

  • Strong housing made of galvanized sheet steel
  • Manually operated drop hammer shutters can be closed tightly or widely.
  • Accompanied by motorized shutters to keep out dust, pests, and rain.
  • Streamlined, through-wall mounting design.
  • Durable stainless steel or zinc-coated blades.

Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan

The type of exhaust fan that is usually used in residences, especially those with walls that are directly in front of open spaces, is a wall-mounted exhaust fan.

This type of exhaust fan is simple to install and is easily placed. The exhaust fan is effective at removing stale and contaminated air from your home. Wall-mounted exhaust fans are frequently perfect for use in small and medium-scale industries and in domestic use.

Industrial Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan removes stale air from a space and replaces it with clean air. When there are excessive amounts of hot air, moisture, carbon dioxide, vaporized chemicals, dust, fungus spores, and unpleasant scents in the air, such air is said to be polluted. By venting dirty indoor air outside and drawing in pure air from the outside, exhaust fans reduce interior air pollution.

Exhaust fans are required because they guard against mildew, chemical buildup, and overheating damage to goods and property. Also, they are essential for the health of those who live and work in areas with high levels of indoor smog.

Heavy-Duty Exhaust Fans

An industrial exhaust fan should be heavy-duty. These exhaust fans have a bigger sweep size than other types of exhaust fans. These fans include a powerful motor and an epoxy powder coating for stiffer resistance to the potent gases common in factories.

Industrial Exhaust Fan Applications

Industrial exhaust fans are versatile and can be used for a number of things, including:

They can be found as parts of industrial systems or are used to transport large volumes of air. The air quality within the building and around the equipment is improved by exhaust fans.

Dust Loading: The amount of dust is minimal because exhaust fan exhausts effectively move and collect dust, keeping it from building up in machinery or across the entire facility.

Material handling: In industrial settings, a lot of particles are frequently accumulated. Larger particles, such as wood chips, sawdust, grain, wood chips, plastic pellets, and a variety of other materials, can be handled by exhaust fan exhausts.

Fans for saturated air: The term “saturated air” refers to air that contains a substantial amount of humidity or moisture. Exhaust fans are frequently employed to evacuate the air, preventing the buildup of moisture that could lead to corrosion or the growth of mold.

High temperatures: In some industrial processes, such as heat treatment, extremely high temperatures can occur, necessitating the use of specialized equipment. In these severe circumstances, exhaust fans may safely circulate hot air.


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