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HVLS Fan also known as High Volume Low Speed Fan or Jumbo ceiling fan is intended for usage in big warehouses, factories, and other commercial and industrial applications. Our HVLS Fans are best to replace wall-mounted fans because they are widely renowned for evenly distributing air over vast areas. Since we are aware of the enormous demand, we are producing top-notch goods.

Marut Air Ventilation Services one of the leading HVLS Fans manufacturer offers a broad selection of industrial fans with a variety of customisations and specifications to best satisfy customer needs.

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Application of HVLS Fans

Accurate solution proposition. Both Small Size HVLS fans and Jumbo Ceiling Fan Manufactured by us are ideal for commercial and industrial spaced such as warehouses, factories, food courts, schools, indoor stadiums and gymnasiums.

Marut Air HVLS Fans are a wise purchase for any company or industry that wants to maintain comfortable Interior temperature and Fresh Air Quality. Our High Volume Low Speed Fan comes with the advantage of high energy efficiency and high volume air circulation.


How do HVLS fans work?

HVLS fans operate on the premise that cool flowing air separates the boundary layer surrounding the body that is saturated with moisture and speeds up evaporation to generate a cooling effect. As they rotate, ceiling fans create a column of air. Along the floor, this air column flows downward and outward. This thick wall of horizontally flowing air, also known as a horizontal floor jet, is related to a fan’s diameter and, to a lesser extent, its speed. The floor jet moves outward until it encounters a side wall or other vertical surface after it reaches its maximum capacity.

Industrial Jumbo ceiling fan, or another name commonly known as HVLS (High Volume Low Speed), causes high volume of wind movement and low ground. Before colliding with the ground and changing direction to become a ‘floor jet’, moving around 360 degrees in all directions, also helping to push dust from the nook or corner out of the area.

What Makes Us The Top
HVLS Fan Manufacturers in India

Marut Air HVLS fans are proving why they belong at the forefront of HVLS fan manufacturers in India.

– Exceptional Quality at a Reasonable Price.
– All models have CE certification and a good service network.
– One of the company’s key businesses is the HVLS Fan, which has specialised support that is available forever.
– Every component is made with the same high standards of quality as foreign fans.
– A quality product and timely after-sales support are guaranteed by management’s direct involvement in day-to-day manufacturing and after-sales activities.

Mounting & Details


HVLS Fans Installation Conditions



Advantages Of HVLS Fan

Gear Box of HVLS Fan
 Image 1

Gear Box Fan

Marut Air PMSM Technology

Marut Air PMSM Tech

Power consumption is huge Saves hug cost by power saving
Gear Reducer Type Motor Direct Drive Servo Moto
High Power Consumption, Less Output Highest Efficiency,Less Power Consumption
Periodic Maintenance required for oil seal, gear box oil No Maintenance due to simple design
Made with Gear Reducer Type. Made with rare earth Neodymium magnets. It has 20X better life than normal magnets.

Technical Configuration for Marut Air HVLS Fans

Model Size (Dia) Motor kW/HP RPM Air Volume(CMM) Total Weight (Kg) Coverage (SQ.M) Frequency(Hz) dBA*
MRT-7a 7.3m(24ft) 1.1/1.5 0-55 13,000 111 1500 50/60 38
MRT-6a 6.1m(20ft) 1.1/1.5 0-60 11,500 103 1000 50/60 38
MRT-5a 5.5m(18ft) 1.1/1.5 0-70 11,000 99 900 50/60 55
MRT-4a 4.9m(16ft) 1.1/1.5 0-70 10,000 49 600 50/60 55
MRT-3.7a 3.7m(12ft) 0.37/0.5 0-85 5,000 38 380 50/60 55
MRT-3a 3.0m(10ft) 0.37/0.5 0-115 4,000 35 250 50/60 55

Our certifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an HVLS fan?

    A High-Volume Low-Speed Fan, better known as an HVLS fan, is a large ceiling fan with a diameter of at least 7 feet (2.13 m). HVLS fans move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed, hence the name “high volume, low speed.”

  • No, HVLS fans can be used in any large space to maintain adequate temperature. HVLS Fans are used in a variety of settings, including Party Halls, Conference Halls, Commercial Centres, Sports Centres, Residential Spaces, and Industrial settings.

  • HVLS fans have a number of benefits, including improved air circulation, reduced energy consumption, reduced noise pollution, and Improved air quality.

  • Marut Air is a leading manufacturer of HVLS ceiling fans in India. We have a wide variety of models of HVLS fans to choose from, and We offer a free quote on all of our products, including HVLS Fans, Exhaust Fans, Industrial Air Coolers, and more. You can contact us by phone or email, or you can visit our website to get a quote.

  • HVLS fans are efficient because they move large amounts of air at low rotational speeds, thus they require less energy than traditional air conditioning systems to cool a space.

  • The amount of energy that an HVLS fan uses depends on a number of factors, including the size of the fan, the speed of the fan, and the climate. However, HVLS fans typically consume far less energy than traditional air conditioning systems.

  • The amount of area that an HVLS fan covers depends on the size of the fan. A typical HVLS fan with a diameter of 12 feet (3.66 m) can cover an area of up to 15,000 square feet (ca. 1,394 m²).

  • The minimum height for HVLS fans is typically 12 feet (3.66 m). However, the exact height requirement may vary depending on the specific fan and the space where it is being installed.

  • The maximum speed of HVLS fans typically ranges from 55 to 130 RPM. However, the exact speed may vary depending on the specific fan and the setting in which it is being used.

  • How to choose an HVLS fan?

    Here are some factors to consider when selecting an HVLS fan:

    • The size of the space you need to cool,
    • Ceiling height,
    • Climate.
    • Noise level and
    • Budget.
  • The size of an HVLS fan is calculated by the diameter of the fan. The most common sizes are 12 feet, 16 feet, and 24 feet. The larger the fan, the more air it will move and the cooler your space will be.

  • The life span of an HVLS fan can vary depending on the quality of the fan and the conditions it is used in. In general, HVLS fans can last for many years with proper maintenance.

  • The cost will depend on the size of the fan, the features it comes with, and the brand.

  • The warranty on an HVLS fan will vary depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer a one-year warranty, while Marut Air offers a five-year warranty or even a lifetime warranty on some parts.

  • Repairing an HVLS fan can be expensive, but it is usually less expensive than replacing the fan altogether. The cost of repair will depend on the problem with the fan and the cost of parts.

  • Yes, the speed of an HVLS fan can be adjusted. This allows you to control the amount of air that is circulated and the amount of cooling that is provided.

  • Yes, HVLS fans can be mounted outdoors. However, they need to be protected from the elements. Some HVLS fans are specifically designed for outdoor use and come with weatherproof housings.

  • HVLS fans can benefit from a variety of facilities, including:

    • Warehouses
    • Distribution centers
    • Gyms
    • Factories
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Churches
    • Other large, open spaces.