Why HVLS fan is needed?

Why hvls fan are needed ?

HVLS Fans are considered as big air circulators in the premises. In big premises, air circulation is very important to maintain a comfortable work environment. These Big industrial ceiling fans not only circulate the air but also increase the air changes per hour of the premises which results in a more comfortable work environment. The air circulation of Large ceiling fan is four-dimensional which covers up to 1500 sq.m

Looking for bullet points? Refer the following.

  • Provides a more comfortable, uniform temperature for employees. Changes the perceived temperature of an employee by 8-10 degrees.
  • Marut Air has designed the high volume of low-speed fans with almost no maintenance
  • Low energy consumption, it consumes only 1.5 kW/h and gives air movement equivalent to 34 high-speed fans.
  • Marut big energy-saving fans recover its self cost within 2-3 years by saving the electricity consumption
  • Increases air movement into the premises which result in cool and comfortable work environment
  • Marut Fans run at low speed about 52 RPM; which results in a low noise level – 52db only.
  • Marut benefits exiting HVAC systems and reduces its power consumption by up to 30%.