What Are Duct Air Coolers?

A duct is a canal or passageway that allows air to be introduced or evacuated. The evaporative cooling technique is used by duct air coolers to condition the air and eliminate stale air from a room or area. These duct coolers may do double duty in the winter by drawing in fresh air and circulating it throughout the room, thanks to the air passages and conduits that act as ventilation.

How Do Duct Air Coolers Function?

By applying the appropriate amount of pressure through metal conduits, a duct cooler may cool any area in a room to an ideal temperature. The ducts in a duct air cooler direct the airflow away from the fan and then disperse it via one or more outputs, making for remarkably consistent management and flow of cooled air.

How Effective Are Duct Desert Air Coolers?

Because of their low maintenance costs and energy efficiency, air coolers are a popular choice. Not only is the Duct Desert cooler an eco-friendly option, but it also guarantees significant financial savings thanks to its cheap upfront cost and subsequent lower operating costs month after month.

One other incredible thing about duct desert coolers is that they can double as exhaust and ventilation systems by just turning off the water pump. For centralized cooling, a duct cooler can be set up outside the window, attached to the wall, or even put on top of the building, depending on the available space.

Air grills and a network of ducts allow a duct cooler to provide consistent and widespread cooling to an entire building, whether it’s an office, factory, or other business establishment. You can easily alter the volume and direction of the air being pushed from the ducts by adjusting the angle of the air grills and expanding the metal ducts.

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Reasons To Get Duct Air Coolers Installed

Capacity for cooling and CFM

No matter the size of your home or place of business, a duct air cooler can evenly distribute cool air throughout a large area. One can choose the right duct cooler with the specified CFM parameters by simply calculating the impacted space.

Capacity of the Water Tank

Commercial duct air coolers typically have a 35–40-liter water tank, although industrial duct coolers, which are more commonly utilized, can carry as much as 700 liters of water. Due to the high water consumption of the duct cooler, a smaller tank is also necessary to ensure a continuous water supply, which is a regular characteristic of duct coolers. Because of this, the duct air cooler can maintain its cooling effect over an extended period of time, which is particularly useful in settings with constant heat production, such as factories, assemblies, and manufacturing units.

Pads for Cooling

Wood wool pads are effective and inexpensive for modest duct coolers. Pads made of superior cellulose or honeycomb are popular because of their high evaporative capacity and ability to absorb a lot of water, making them cooler than other options. You won’t have any trouble cleaning or dusting these cooling pads.


The smaller duct air cooler has detachable and movable wheels, so you can take it with you wherever you go on your property. Their portability stems from how simple they are to use. The larger, more powerful, and often housed on rooftops, coolers are typically installed outside of your home and left outdoors.

Quick and Simple Setup and Upkeep

Installing smaller duct coolers on windows is easy, and their portability makes it even easier to set them up on a balcony and attend to maintenance needs as they arise.

The anti-corrosive and high-resistance metal construction

This property of the duct air cooler makes it easy to clean the water tank, cooling pads, fan, and pump on a regular basis, which is all that’s needed for maintenance.


Duct desert coolers are recommended when you need to evenly cool various areas of your industry, office or home. The chilled air is distributed throughout the area using metal ducts that maintain the necessary pressure. Therefore, duct coolers are highly efficient for centrally cooling your apartment, house, or commercial building. Marut Air offers the best duct air coolers in India. Contact us to purchase our coolers now.