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Pioneering HVLS Fan Manufacturer and Exporter in Kolkata

Marut Air Ventilation Engineers proudly stands as the premier HVLS fan manufacturer in Kolkata. Our unwavering dedication to quality and energy efficiency has earned us a reputation as the go-to choose for industries in pursuit of top-tier air circulation solutions. Delve into our vast reservoir of expertise, the wide spectrum of applications for our HVLS fans, and the merits of energy efficiency through expert installation.

Our Proficiency

  • Invaluable Experience: With a wealth of years in the field, Marut Air Ventilation Engineers has finely tuned its craft, assuring the delivery of Kolkata’s finest HVLS fans. Our extensive knowledge and prowess distinctly position us as industry leaders.
  • Dedication to Excellence: We uphold quality as our paramount principle, meticulously focusing on precision engineering and materials that guarantee exceptional performance and durability. When you opt for us, you embrace unrivalled quality.
  • CE Certification: Our HVLS fans proudly bear the CE certification mark, a testament to their adherence to rigorous European quality and safety standards. This certification underscores our unwavering commitment to manufacturing par excellence.

Revolutionize Your Industry with Marut Air Ventilation Engineers’ HVLS Fans

Marut Air Ventilation Engineers’ HVLS fans serve a diverse tapestry of industries, including:

  • Airports: Efficiently distribute air throughout expansive airport terminals, elevating passenger comfort levels and trimming cooling expenditures.
  • Auditoriums and Arenas: Expand airflow for both spectators and performers, ensuring a pleasant ambience during events.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Enhance employee comfort and productivity by maintaining consistent temperature levels and air quality.

HVLS Fans for Year-Round Comfort and Savings

  1. Minimal Energy Consumption: HVLS fans are meticulously engineered to displace generous volumes of air with minimal energy consumption, culminating in substantial cost savings on air conditioning and heating.
  2. Year-Round Benefits: These fans prove beneficial in both scorching summers and frigid winters. During the summer, they generate a cooling effect, while in the winter, they equitably circulate warm air emanating from heating systems.

Elevate Comfort and Efficiency with Marut Air Ventilation Engineers

Opt for Marut Air Ventilation Engineers to access top-notch HVLS fans and trust in our expertise. Our unwavering commitment to quality, energy efficiency, and professional installation firmly establishes us as a premier HVLS fan manufacturer in Kolkata.


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Our philosophy

It’s all about productivity that counts! Climate change is real & Rise in temperature is too real… Observing the fact that Heated environment affects the overall productivity in big premises in many ways. So, we started working on possible solutions with the help of science and the outcome is in front of you.


Our approach

Production: Advanced modeling and testing ensure that Marut Air’s products perform efficiently and reliably over a long service life.
Installation: Analyzing the accurate need involves in-depth planning, what-if calculations, and proactive considerations.


Our focus

Following the philosophy and our approach have established us to provide the most efficient ventilation solution to our prospectus clients. We are focussed to provide the cost-effective solution to the targeted premises.

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